Friday, 28 November 2008

EC moves closer to capping 'roaming' SMS charges

As anticipated, the Council of EU Telecoms Ministers has endorsed the European Commission's plans to reduce consumer charges for sending text messages and downloading data via mobile phones while 'roaming' abroad in the EU. If the plans (known as the Roaming II Agreement) are passed by the European Parliament in spring they could become law next summer. The EC's proposal includes:
  • capping the cost of sending a text message at 11 Euro cents (excluding VAT),
  • automatically sending an text message explaining the charges when you travel abroad,
  • offering a pre-set limit for roamed data charges from 2010,
  • further reducing the cost of 'roaming' voice calls in 2009 and 2010,
  • introducing per-second billing after 30 seconds for all calls made, and
  • introducing per-second billing for all calls received.
[Press release 1; Press release 2]

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